Step 1: Contact Us

If you are interested in buying any of the artwork on this site, please call us at 931-738-9006.  Be sure to include your name, contact information and any additional information about the piece that interests you.

Since we frequently travel to shows and exhibitions, please note it may take us several business days to get back to you.

Step 2: Describe what you want

All of Russ’s pieces are custom-made. This gives you the privilege to describe exactly what type of wood you like to use, what type of animal you would like to make, and what size you’d like it to be.

Russ’s pieces range from very small pieces to adult size rocking horses which range in size from traditional to very large.  Examples of Russ’ handiwork can be seen throughout this website.

 Each piece is fully customizable to your exact specifications.

Step 3: Make a Deposit

After you have contacted Russ and described what you’d like to have created, Russ will give you a price for that piece. The price will be determined by the difficulty of design, the type of wood used, and the size of the piece.

Russ will tell you what type of deposit is needed and you will pay the balance for the work upon the completion of the design.

Step 4: Live Happily Ever After

All of Russ’s artwork includes a lifetime guarantee on quality and workmanship.  Barring catastrophic events like house fires, Russ’s work is expected to last from one generation to the next.  It’s not uncommon for Russ to meet adults who rode his rockers as children, and now have their own children, and grandchildren riding on the same rocking horses.

It’s a lovely way to create an heirloom piece that goes from one generation to the next.