Russ Jacobsohn has, quite literally, carved a home and a career out of the rural Tennessee woods.  Over the past 29 years he has established a reputation as artist and craftsman.  He fashions his rocking animals from woods native to Tennessee and from around the world, such as oak, cherry, walnut, poplar, cedar and mahogany.

A member of the Tennessee Association of Crafts Artists and the Foothills Craft Guild, Jacobsohn displays his award winning work at shows and galleries throughout the country and around the world.  He has been widely featured in magazines, on television, and in newspapers.  Russ will carve any animal in any wood upon request.

His workshop is a veritable Noah’s Ark of animals still in the process of creation.  You may find horses, lambs, whales, chickens, elephants and even the occasional frog.  These animals are all made to be durable enough to gallop through the fantasies of many generations of delighted children.

Russ has been working in wood since he was a boy.  In 1982, he carved his first rocking horse and has created nothing but rocking animals ever since.  In addition, Russ’ wife Nancy Jacobsohn is a gifted ceramic sculptor.  They can often be found side by side at our nation’s most prestigious craft shows.   Their family includes two daughters, two horses, five dogs, twenty cats, a miniature donkey, a flock of pet chickens and the assorted visiting woodland creature.